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Charging your electric vehicle is simple with HEVO Power. Our unique technology consists of three components:

Power Station

The HEVO Power Station is either surface mounted or embedded in the ground and connects to grid-supplied power

Wireless Receiver

The HEVO Wireless Receiver is up-fitted on any electric vehicle and connects to the vehicle’s battery management system

Mobile App

The HEVO Mobile App provides communication between the hardware components and serves as the sole interface with the end user

Got it. So how do I actually charge?

As a driver approaches within 15 feet of a HEVO Power Station, the mobile app is engaged and activated to provide real-time parking guidance

Embedded software in the Power Station recognizes the Wireless Receiver through a unique indentification code assigned to each vehicle

The Power Station provides the appropriate charging level and transmits real-time charging data to the end user through the HEVO Mobile App

A telematics platform provides HEVO engineers, vehicle manufacturers and fleet managers remote access to charging incidents and information, so they may evaluate and optimize the charging performance of the wireless units and vehicles